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America's disappearing unity
"In a recent speech to the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, former President Bill Clinton stated the obvious: that we are a nation with a great deal of diversity.  Heralding this fact as a "very positive thing," Clinton joined with the growing chorus of cultural commentators who apparently think that there is something inherently wonderful about diversity." (by Peter Heck) [link]

Global Warming as Religion: You Had To See It Coming
"You don't think that man-made global warming has become a religion? Well, a British judge certainly does." (by Chuck Colson)

Idol Worship
"What we worship defines us and controls us. And sometimes figuring out what we really worship isn't easy." (by Marcia Segelstein) [link]

Islam and the West
"What is clear is that the [Islamic] Resurgence represents a reinvigorated Islam that intends to win the conflict [between Islam and Christianity] once and for all. It is, in the words of one prominent Indian Muslim, 'the struggle for a new world order.' One wonders how many in the West are seeing the historic struggle as clearly as Muslims do." (by Ed Vitagliano) [link]

NCC wrong on Christian Zionism
What is "Christian Zionism" and how is the National Council of Churches wrong in its treatment of the topic? (by Tammi Reed Ledbetter) [link]

Faith and Healing -- Where's the evidence?
A first-hand account of Todd Bentley's "healing ministry." (by William A. Dembski) [link]

Kawanza: The politically incorrect truth about Kwanzaa | Revisionist holiday history
(by Marcia Segelstein) [links]

The Prosperity Gospel
The Prosperity Gospel | Called to be Rich?
What is the "prosperity gospel," and why is it so popular? Does the Bible really teach that any/every Christian is entitled to abundant wealth and pristine health? Some of the Bible verses misused/abused by prosperity gospel proponents, along with their correct interpretation. (by AC21DOJ) [html]

Reincarnation: Never Having to Say You’re Dead? The New Interest in Reincarnation
"In reality, few concepts can match reincarnation in terms of being incompatible with Christian doctrine and the Christian worldview. The biblical view of history is linear, not cyclical. The Bible assumes and claims a past-present-future orientation, with the end bringing the perfect judgment and justice of God. History is not a great wheel, but a chronological current." (by R. Albert Mohler, Jr.) [link]

The Secret
"I had never watched an entire episode of Oprah until her program on “The Secret.” In the promo for the show, Oprah announced that the program would present “the secret” to making more money, losing weight, finding the love of your life and achieving job success." (by Don Whitney) [link]

'The Shack' & the missing art of evangelical discernment
"When it comes to The Shack, the really troubling fact is that so many readers are drawn to the theological message of the book, and fail to see how it conflicts with the Bible at so many crucial points." (by R. Albert Mohler Jr.) [link]

Should Christians 'respect' other religions?
"The world we now know is marked by religious pluralism and the clash of worldviews. The modern world brings individuals and groups of different belief systems into both proximity and potential conflict. How should Christians respond when asked about this? Should Christians 'respect' other religions?" (by R. Albert Mohler Jr.) [link]


R. ALBERT MOHLER, JR: The Subtle Body -- Should Christians Practice Yoga?
"When Christians practice yoga, they must either deny the reality of what yoga represents or fail to see the contradictions between their Christian commitments and their embrace of yoga. The contradictions are not few, nor are they peripheral. The bare fact is that yoga is a spiritual discipline by which the adherent is trained to use the body as a vehicle for achieving consciousness of the divine. Christians are called to look to Christ for all that we need and to obey Christ through obeying his Word. We are not called to escape the consciousness of this world by achieving an elevated state of consciousness, but to follow Christ in the way of faithfulness." [link]

THE WATCHMAN EXPOSITOR:  Yoga: Exercise or Religion?
What is the origin of yoga? What is unique about the Western version of yoga? How does yoga's concepts of God, salvation, etc. compare to biblical Christianity? [pdf]

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