Resources to help "teach school subjects to one's children at home" (Webster).
Free - And Mostly Free - Resources

Adventures in Odyssey - Thriving Family
These fictional, character-building dramas are created by an award-winning team that uses storytelling to teach lasting truths. [website]

Bible Reading Plans
A wide variety of reading plans -- i.e., the whole Bible in a year; the OT in a year; the NT in a year; NT letters three times in a year; etc. [website]

DK clipart
Dorling Kindersley clipart, categorized. [website]

Educational Freeware
Free educational software programs, both downloadable and online. [website]

The Effects of Pornography on Individuals, Marriage, Family and Community
"Pornography ... is a major threat to marriage, to family, to children and to individual happiness." (from the Family Research Council) [pdf]

$1 Family Films
The Regal Entertainment Group offers $1 admision to select family (G/PG) movies during the summer. They run at 10:00 A.M. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Click on the link to find info for your area. [link]

Freddy the Pig

Homeschool Freebie of the Day
A large variety of quality resources. Click here to sign up for the Monday "sneak preview" for the upcoming week. [website]

Home School Heartbeat
"Produced by Home School Legal Defense Association, Home School Heartbeat is an informative two-minute daily radio program which draws upon HSLDA’s considerable involvement and front line experience in the home schooling movement." Click here for free daily e-mail transcripts. [link]

Home Science Tools
Click here to sign up for free newsletters. Science Explorations: Ages 10-15. Step-by-step projects, science news, and cool facts to make science come alive for your kids! Sent monthly. Young Science Explorers: Ages 4-9. Experiments, teaching tips, and fun content to get young children excited about science each month. [website]

INDIVISIBLE: Social and Economic Foundations of American Liberty
"Leading Conservatives Exchange Policy Perspectives" - Topics covered: Civil Society; Rule of Law; Life; Free Exchange; Marriage; Profit; Family; Wages; Religion; International Trade; Culture; Property; Environment; and Education. (from The Heritage Foundation) [pdf]

Johnny's Teacher
An insightful and entertaining look at Deuteronomy 6:1-12, by Paige Patterson. [pdf]

Josh McDowell e-books
FREE e-books (in pdf) that cover a variety of topics. [link]

Letter and Number Writing

LivingBooks for the Ears
Various audio books. [website]

Tons of free, printable mazes categorized by degree of difficulty. [link]

Online Games for Children
Links to various games, many of which are very educational. (by AC21DOJ)

Online Word Puzzle Maker
Makes both word search and crossword puzzles that can be printed out. [website]

Pizza Hut BOOK IT! Reading Incentive Programs
Read books and earn a free personal pan pizza. [website]

Practical ways to teach children about money
Brief article by the CEO of Crown Financial Ministries. (by Chuck Bentley) [link]

Redeeming the Rainbow: A Christian Response to the "Gay" Agenda, by Dr. Scott Lively
"A comprehensive but easy-to-understand textbook for Christians and other defenders of God’s design for family and society." [pdf]

Roadmap to America: The Last Best Hope
Several free teaching tools related to American history and produced in conjunction with William Bennett's two volume America: The Last Best Hope (vol 1 | vol 2) [website]

Star Wars font
Font from the megapopular Star War series. [link]

"Comprehension and phonics. Primarily designed for first grade, Starfall is also useful for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and second grade. Starfall is perfect for home schooling." [website]

Premier astronomy software program. [website]

The Threat of International Law
What is "international law?" Who makes it? Is it binding on U.S. citizens? (by HSLDA) [pdf]

U. S. Dept of State informational publications
Informative publications covering a wide variety of topics. Specific topics [as of 06-04-2008; all pdf]:

What parents need to know about porn and their kids
"[A]according to statistics cited by the non-profit advocacy organization Enough Is Enough, the largest group of viewers of Internet pornography is children between the ages of 12 and 17. " (by Marcia Segelstein) [link]


WorldWide Telescope
(Requires a 3D graphics card for pc version but not for web version.) [website]

Recommended Resources

America: A Patriotic Primer

"L is for Lincoln, M is for Madison." Teach your kids the ABCs of American history with this "stars and stripes" book. Lynne Cheney -- wife of the vice president -- reinforces the godly values, ideals, people, and events that make our country great. Features delightful illustrations and explanatory notes. Ages 4 to 8. 40 pages, hardcover from Simon & Schuster.

America: The Last Best Hope (2 vol set)
volume 1 | volume 2

Volume 1: New York Times best-selling author William J. Bennett underscores the heritage of how our nation became truly great and even today draws millions of people yearning to breathe free to its shores. Get to know the pillars of our country's founding-not as dusty pages in history, but as the flesh and blood that set this great experiment into motion. It's an inspirational reacquainting with history that will lead you to embrace America's greatness once again.

Volume 2: Little-known (and even less taught!) historical information brings U.S. history from World War I to the Reagan years to life in the second volume of America The Last Best Hope. Conservative scholar and former Secretary of Education Bill Bennett offers an entertaining, enjoyable volume of history that will be treasured by readers young and old.

Bound for Canaan
(no longer available through CBD)

The civil war brought to a climax the country's bitter division. But the beginnings of slavery's denouement can be traced to a courageous band of ordinary Americans, black and white, slave and free, who joined forces to create what would come to be known as the Underground Railroad, a movement that occupies as romantic a place in the nation's imagination as the Lewis and Clark expedition. The true story of the Underground Railroad is much more morally complex and politically divisive than even the myths suggest. Against a backdrop of the country's westward expansion arose a fierce clash of values that was nothing less than a war for the country's soul. Not since the American Revolution had the country engaged in an act of such vast and profound civil disobedience that not only challenged prevailing mores but also subverted federal law.

Bound for Canaan tells the stories of men and women like David Ruggles, who invented the black underground in New York City; bold Quakers like Isaac Hopper and Levi Coffin, who risked their lives to build the Underground Railroad; and the inimitable Harriet Tubman. Interweaving thrilling personal stories with the politics of slavery and abolition, Bound for Canaan shows how the Underground Railroad gave birth to this country's first racially integrated, religiously inspired movement for social change.

Children's Encyclopedia of American History

Behind today's headlines stretch more than 200 years of rich American history. Encourage your children to learn about our country's past so they can understand the influences that shape its present---and direct its future. Organized chronologically and thematically, this comprehensive guide pairs stunning illustrations with accessible articles about important events, trends, patterns, ideas, and people. Ages 8 and up. 304 pages, hardcover from Dorling Kindersley.

Christian Book Distributors (CBD) - Homeschool section

Your one-stop homeschool shop! Step inside and find a comprehensive collection of reasonably priced homeschool curriculum. You'll find a wide selection of manipulatives, study guides, unit studies, and all you need to teach your children at home.

Explode the Code Curriculum

Explode the Code’s child-drawn illustrations and easy, repetitive exercises provide a friendly learning experience. Progressively building up a store of phonics recognition, pronunciation and reading skills, your students will soon be on their way to acquiring beginning to intermediate reading skills. Explode the Code’s phonics workbooks contain exercises that guide students through matching, reading, spelling, writing, copying, and more. Easy, fun and proven, Explode the Code is a favorite with moms and kids!

Five In A Row

(A very effective learning system that involves examining a given book from several different perspectives: art, geography, history, science, etc.)

Homeschooling with TLC in the Elementary Grades

Sit down to enjoy this incredibly practical and oh-so encouraging homeschool help book. Broken down into short, easy-to-read paragraphs on topics all homeschoolers deal with -- from scheduling to learning styles to math games -- Homeschooling with TLC in the Elementary Grades will show you not only how to teach, but how to teach with joy. Filled with practical tips, new and seasoned parents alike will find ideas that they can easily put to use in their own family.

How Now Shall We Live?

With real, inspiring stories of faith in action, How Now Shall We Live? encourages readers to present the gospel in a way that will capture the imaginations, minds and hearts of a culture that is entrenched in the lies of relativism and self-before it's too late.

Parents' Guide to the Spiritual Growth of Children

Endow your kids with a legacy more precious than gold-give them a growing faith in Christ. Focusing on the first 12 years of life, this readable guide offers practical insight on how to mold your children's spiritual development and God-given strengths; teach them solid Christian values and customize a spiritual growth plan for your family.

Parents' Guide to the Spiritual Mentoring Of Teens

Parents' Guide to the Spiritual Mentoring of Teens is one of the greatest tools you can use to show your teens how to integrate faith in God with everyday life. Solid, proven advice and techniques will enable you to succeed in the changing parent-teen relationship and ignite in your children the passion to become wholehearted disciples.

Saving Freedom: We Can Stop America's Slide Into Socialism

High-profile bailouts, controversial economic stimulus packages, universal health care ... Are we slipping into socialism? Senator DeMint says yes -- but it's not too late to reverse course! Offering a comprehensive action plan, he shows how conservative legislation can reduce debt, fix Social Security, provide tax credits to pay for health insurance, stop America's cultural decline, and more.

Webster's New World Children's Dictionary (2nd edition, revised)

With more than 33,000 entries selected in consultation with top educators and definitions written specifically for children eight and up, this up-to-date and kid-friendly dictionary is designed to make kids' enthusiastic about learning. Featuring notes on synonyms, homonyms, prefixes, spelling and word histories, as well as 750 photographs and illustrations, this unique dictionary will make a great addition to any resource shelf. 928 pages, hardcover.


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